Wednesday, May 13, 2009

shock awe and a computer crash

Yesterday morning all was fine, by the afternoon everything was in shambles. In the last couple of weeks, a couple of times my desktop had taken its time loading, I thought nothing of it. But yesterday in the afternoon it didnät load again, and I did all the pushing of buttons I could, leading to a black monitor with a white message; informing me most "unfortunately" that windows was unable to open.
Oh Oh. Oh oh.
I followed the directions to open windows, but it refused to show its pretty screen with all my documents. I used brute force ie unplugging the computer, which had worked before. The message about tasks came up, I clicked and clicked, and then .... All that happened was the ominous message and then I knew something was dreadfully wrong.
The computer is now at the shop and I am on mz little german laptop where the y and z are transposed so I will now disregard that and tzpe on as usual.
I canät even plus in a kezboard because the connections are different.
The nice man told me the hard drive was fried. It was not a virus, it was bad hardware. A 3 year old Vaio?... that doesn't seem right! Talk about feeling ripped. He tried to get mz data up but was unable to. The tears tricked down. All mz photos!! He said this was the worst part of his job. He said that zou should wake up each morning expecting that all data will be gone. Everybody, get a back up!
Then Lo and behold he tried a different way, and mz files came up!
But now I will have a blank computer to work with (he will put in new hard drive, install new windows, and install mz files.)
I hope to get back to my blogosphere soon. I hope that all my little ideas are saved which were piling up, like more on Jerome and I havenät even answered whether GS did miniatures! Most of all I haven#t said half of what I want to about Samuel, but ahhhh how I wish I could know more. I wish I had access to the newspapers then. Philadelphia at the turn of the century! But hey zou know what, mz blog is SAFE and that is a cool thing.
Pardon the mistakes. A German keyboard is essentiallz the same as an American kezboard, but there are differences.


Maureen said...

Bummer! Thankfully the blog info is still there, and you have the cutest German accent. Sometimes these things happen for the oddest reasons, perhaps there's a silver lining outcome.

einbildungskraft said...

:-) thanx Maureen. I thought about correcting the mistakes, but perceiving them as a 'cute German accent' is... neat!

and there has been a silver lining. faster cleaner computer, with my new attitude towards taking things for granted. !!

emikk said...

You poor thing, I can feel your pain as you strzggle with this computer brezkdown.....just do'nt let it brezk your spirit gzrl!

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