Friday, May 1, 2009

Descendants, direct from Phebe Meeker (twin sister of Samuel)

Samuel Meeker, although married twice, had no children.

He gifted his portrait to his twin sister Phebe on their 40ieth birthday, is my *best* speculation (more on why, later). Of course it would have been a grand celebration! Gifting an image of one's self, whether a simple silhouette, small miniature, or full-sized portrait, to a loved one, was common, and popularized even more by our Gilbert Stuart. Before I was aware of this, I had thought that perhaps Samuel and his cousin William Meeker had had their portraits done to hang in their business office! That the twin siblings Samuel and Phebe were close can be easily surmised, as they migrated over to Philadelphia from the home state of New Jersey, and Phebe was first married to Samuel's business partner Alexander Cochran.
Thus we are direct descendants of Phebe Meeker Brookfield (see post from April 2 2009 which depicts family tree.)

Pictured are my daughter Lily at far left, & my niece (Katie) and nephews (Christopher, Patrick, John, and Peter [Ahrens]) children of my two brothers. The photo is taken at Shaver Lake the summer of 06. Our family has gone to Shaver Lake, in the Sierra mountains of Ca, every summer since the kids were little.


Rouchswalwe said...

Always amazes me what a positive impact a brother and sister with a close relationship can have on the way of the world. What a handsome happy family photo! I'm looking forward to reading more ...

willow said...

This is one good looking group of youthful descendants!

Jhonny said...

Im Jordan my last name is meeker, my bloodline with my family ends with me. i was trying to find information and more family members,since im 21 and dont really know anything about my family history. Idk if we are of real relation but have the same last name,

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