Thursday, May 27, 2010

Master Clarke, a special Stuart, sells at auction; how much?

Master Clarke
By Gilbert Stuart, England 1783-4,
originally in the collection of Mr. and Mrs. Ferragamo, sold on May 19 to new owners

On May 19 a very special Stuart portrait was up for auction at Sotheby's spring sale of American Paintings, Drawings & Sculpture. -- Stuart's earlier English paintings were not as swiftly and monotonely produced as they were in later years in America, when Stuart's intent was to streamline income. Those days in England ie when he was studying under Benjamin West, was the time in which he wished to impress the general public/art world/aristocracy with his extraordinary talent. So the portraits are more detailed, expansive and original; this particular portrait is of the son of Richard Hall Clarke of Bridwell, Halberton and his wife, a celebrated beauty. The young boy is posed among the trees in the park of his family home, holding a long bow and arrow, the sport of archery being de rigeur in the upper-class at the time. It is not clear whether he knows what to do with the gear.

So how much did it sell for?


Maureen said...

Was Stuart ever wealthy?

liebesreime said...

Good question!
I will address it :-)

Rouchswalwe said...

I wonder how much it would have gone for had the Master not been wearing red?

emikk said...

Learn to paint well....make a lot of money!

liebesreime said...

yes itsn't it a nice red 'childrens' suit'... and how bright & cheerful it is!
(Clearly the painting as been cleaned/preserved...Have been checking into having that done with my painting. Buts its a scary thing, to mess with a Stuart. However there is a fellow here that has done much work restoring local Ca missions, so I am thinking of having him do it.)

liebesreime said...

emikk, learn to paint, and MARKET well, and make a lot of money.
Look at Mr. Koons, his balloons and Jackson with chimp, he doesn't even do the work HIMSELF, but his marketing machine..........and the dollars are flying towards his bank account!
Poor Mr Stuart .... if only his master clarke had brought him this kind of money while he was still alive.

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