Monday, March 30, 2009

The "Pedigree Of Major Samuel Meeker" Chap. I

Without this book, esssentially outlining a tree to the sitter in the portrait and providing his name "Major Samuel Meeker", all would have been lost. Without this name, my interest in sleuthing a possible connection to me and my family would most likely have evaporated, since "Peale" meant nothing to me (see post "Misattribution" 3/4/2009). Until I actually was in possession of the portrait, I didn't even know this book existed...and it seemed more of an afterthought that my mom handed it to me. A musty old thing as quaint as the portrait itself, with names that meant nothing to me. There was no indication, by anyone including my mom, that this was OUR family that was depicted! The names were foreign gibberish. Then again, I had only just begun my jump into genealogy. My first revelation was recognition of the two great aunties, Emma, Jane, and their sister Carrie (my gt grandmother) Martin from New Jersey, from whence the tree was traced back to Samuel Meeker.
A HUGE step forward! How cool!

The Pedigree Of Major Samuel Meeker

So, the sitter was Major Samuel Meeker, painted by Peale.
What? Wow, a Major during the time of the American Revolution!!
The word went around in my family. However, much to my irritation, they mostly remained glassy-eyed as I excitedly related my latest discoveries, describing our connection to a Revolutionary War Hero! (It seems I am the only one bitten by the genealogy gene.)
But...hold on not so fast.... parts of the puzzle were simply not falling into place as I expected. But, I will tell a story about the Major, for I spent much time on this interesting character which included taking a trip back east on the quest to learn more.

the first page
the second page (click on photo for larger view)


The Clever Pup said...

More please!! I can't wait.

emikk said...

the plot is thickening.

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